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Job Information

EMPLOYMENT SECURITY DEPT 24-145 Crew Lead/Farmworkers needed X8 Kent, WA in Woodmont Beach, Washington

This job opportunity is limited to qualified, available workers that are currently eligible to work in the United States, per federal regulation.

Job Description

Crew Lead/Farmworkers will operate tractors and other agricultural equipment and vehicles and perform general duties associated with a commercial hand harvest farming operation, as well as perform work and direct and monitor the work of other seasonal workers engaged in the row crops growing operations. Individual may perform work, and direct, and monitor the work of a farm crew performing, general duties associated with a commercial farming operation, including planting, growing, harvesting, and packing of various row crops. In addition, individual may participate in or perform the following: directing and monitoring day-to-day farming operations in a designated area, provide training for production standards and procedures, confer with Farm Manager to ensure compliance with all safety, labor, and food safety requirements; maximize crop by best weeding and harvesting practices; provide Farm Manager production rates and quality grading; perform work and direct and monitor crews, on or off tractors, that seed crops, spray crops, transplant crops, harvest crops and cultivate fields; operating, maintaining and repairing agricultural equipment; perform work and direct and monitor crews moving and setting up irrigation pipes; attend safety meetings, labor management gatherings, and all applicable meetings pertaining to operations. If work that is paid at piece rate is performed by Crew Lead, the Crew Lead will be paid the piece rate on the same terms as if he was performing job duties as a Farmworker. The Crew Lead/Farmworker reports directly to Farm Management. The Crew Lead/Farmworker has no authority to hire, fire, supervise, control, or set the work schedules of any farm crew members.

Worker must possess 3 verifiable months experience in growing and harvesting vegetable row crops on a commercial farming operation. Verification of employment qualifications will require the applicant to provide the name, address and phone number for the employer where they gained the required experience. Said employer will be called, to determine whether the applicant did work and gain the required experience there. The applicant will be notified of the outcome of the reference check within 2 business days.

1.Have experience driving and operating farm tractors, equipment, and vehicles 2.Have a minimum of 3 verifiable months experience in growing and harvesting vegetable row crops on a commercial farming operation 3.Experience in hand harvested fresh vegetable quality control; These skills include (but are not limited to) tillage and field/bed preparation, seeding; transplanting seedlings, hoeing, hand weeding, field cultivation, hand harvest vegetable management, record keeping and presenting high quality vegetables for packing 4.Are legally entitled to work in the U.S. 5.Meet all of the qualifications of the clearance order 6.Are available to commit to work the entire length of the contract 7.Workers state he/she is physically able to perform the job requirements 8.Have transportation to the job site if the worker does not reside in employer housing and/or is a local worker 9.Be able to lift up to 60 pounds continuously throughout the day 10.Bi-lingual in English and Spanish


11.Have a valid driver license. (at times may have to drive farm tractors and equipment on city roads) 12.Drive tractors/ pallet jacks/ forklifts 13.Spray and mix chemicals and fertilizers 14.Operate trucks to carry farm equipment, crops, and farmworkers 15.Perform general maintenance and repair of agricultural equipment. 16.May lead a crew of six (6) to eight (8) employees. 17.Will oversee the pulling of greenhouse inventory.

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Job Requirement