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ZoomInfo technologies, LLC Senior Data Scientist in Vancouver, Washington

ZoomInfo Technologies, LLC seeks a Senior Data Scientist in Vancouver, WA.

Duties: Work on delivering solutions for a variety of business problems. Build ML models that enable recruiters to target potential job seekers/talent leads. Mine hidden relationships among large networks of business contacts and/or companies. Build scoring models that drive accuracy, confidence and trust in firmographic attributes extracted from unstructured text. Model and predict relationships among large networks of business contacts. Develop recommender systems designed to model company and individual intent to pursue new products and technologies. Introduce innovative, state-of-the-art ML solutions to overhaul existing models. Partner with ML engineers to review and co-optimize technical designs. Support productionization and deployment of data science models and pipelines. Use statistical method to generate or artificially expand ground truth labels used to train NLP models. Adapt existing legacy ML code-base to changing business needs. Use language models such as BERT to embed extracted text and predict its accuracy. Willing to explore the data and have it guide you to the best solution. Utilize a diverse range of advanced statistical and analytic techniques to inform development priorities and decision-making processes.  Telecommuting is permitted.

Requires a Master's Degree in Statistics, Data Science, Applied Math, Computer Science, Physics or equivalent plus 5 years of experience in related occupations. Requires 5 years of experience in the following: Python, SQL, and Spark, with a strong focus on efficient handling of large data. PyTorch, XGBoost, SparkML, scikit-learn, or similar. NER, text classification and topic modeling using libraries such as NLTK, spaCy, Hugging Face Transformers, or others. Requires 2 years of experience in the following: Delivering production-ready ML systems at scale, utilizing cloud-managed tools like Snowflake, Dataproc, EMR, Airflow, and similar platforms. Designing and integrating search ranking algorithms based on ML. Developing personalisation algorithms using full entity-embeddings for user segmentations.

Salary: $161,600.00- 242,400.00 per year. Medical, vision, and dental benefits. Must also have authorization to work permanently in the U.S. Applicants who are interested in this position may apply at{rel="nofollow"} Ref #76960.