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NW Etch Water Department Worker in Tacoma, Washington

Water Department technician job responsibilitiesDaily water dept. start up:Verify tank fluid levels and started filling up the cooling tank and check the salinity of the evaporator water. The filters listed must be changed out each day.- White surge 25- and 10-micron 30-inch filters as well as the 10-inch 10-micron filter on the wall- SSR 20- and 10-micron 30-inch filters and any bag filters inside the SSR tank- Raw strip filter on the wall before the Degasifier tank 75-micron 10-inch filter- Check and change, as needed, the filter in the evaporator makeup tank. - The 2 large 45-micron 4.5-inch filter for the 6000-gallon Tank A and B –NOTE: After the changing of filters between the 6000-gallon brine tank and the evaporator make sure that you have flow from the pump. It may be necessary to purge air from the pump head to induce flow.Additional daily start up checks required:Acid storage room requires the water department operator to drop the tank levels of the regen tanks for the etch lines.- This doesn’t need to be done every day but needs to be checked daily to make sure the tanks don’t overflow.-