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STG International, Inc. Psychiatrist in Tacoma, Washington

Full-Time/RegularSTG International is seeking qualified candidates for the Psychiatrist position to work full-time providing health care to detainees in custody in support of ICE Health Service Corps at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Medical Facility.STG Internationalis in anactive bidding process for this positionwhich is contingent upon STG International, Inc. being awarded the contract.INTRODUCTION:The ICE Health Services Corps (IHSC) exists within the organizational structure of the UnitedStates Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), Enforcement and Removal Operations(ERO) under the supervision of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The United StatesPublic Health Service (USPHS) Commissioned Corps Officers, civil service staff and contractorscomprise the healthcare professionals working together to provide quality healthcare services.IHSC serves as the medical experts for ICE for detainee health care.MISSION:IHSC's mission is to provide medical care to maintain the health of individuals in the custody ofICE through an integrated health care delivery system, based on nationally recognizedcorrectional, detention and residential health care standards. The Agency is committed toproviding healthcare services to protect the nation's health, reduce global disease and providemedical support for the law enforcement mission of the safe apprehension, enforcement andremoval of detained individuals involved in immigration proceedings. IHSC is committed toensuring a system of care that is ethical, responsible, and accountable through rigoroussurveillance and monitoring activities.MAJOR DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:1. Provides direct care to patients within discipline Scope of Practice and performs functions inaccordance with current accepted practice, licensure, certification, credentialing and or grantedprivileges.2. Provides treatment of persons throughout the life span as appropriate to discipline andfacility setting.3. May be expected to respond to and or coordinate response to medical emergencies.4. Prescribes and monitors psychiatric medication treatment services including monitoring theside effects of medication and/or adverse reactions.5. Offers comprehensive psycho-educational information with each medication/somatictreatment regarding the patient's mental illness, emotional disturbance or behavior disorder,treatment goals, potential benefits and the risk of treatment, self-monitoring aids, and identifiessupport groups for therapeutic assistance.6. Utilizes the evidence-based algorithms for decision-making regarding patient assessment andmedication management.7. Utilizes Assessment of Involuntary Movement Scale (AIMS) is used if identified treatmentcarries the risk of inducing a movement disorder.8. Adheres to medical standards in accordance with IHSC policies, American PsychiatricAssociation standards, and legal requirements.9. Determines the need for core treatment and specialty services for identified patients in a fullrange of psychiatric problems.10. Performs various diagnostic and treatment procedures, including cognitive and behavioralpsychotherapy, supportive individual and group psychotherapy, somatic therapies (including theuse of traditional and atypical drugs).11. Provides professional, recovery based psychiatric care considerate of cultural and ethnicdiversity and focuses on empowering individuals to change their own lives.12. Assures patients are treated with dignity and are consulted when evaluating and/or revisingtreatment and services.13. Utilizes evidence-based practices to promote recovery, reduces stigma and unconditionallyenhance the quality of life.14. Assures a positive therapeutic milieu exists during treatment and emphasizes recovery goals.15. Participates in comprehensive per