Heritage Bank Physical Security Officer in Tacoma, Washington

This position is responsible for the development, implementation, and administration of all aspects of the Bank’s Physical Security and Safety Programs. Additionally, this position is responsible for directing all internal and external physical security and loss prevention resources to reduce or eliminate exposure and losses from all sources. The successful candidate will be able to: Work as the primary contact for physical security related vendors and manages those relationships on behalf of the bank and includes but not limited to, selection, maintenance, and testing of appropriate intrusion devices, alarms and cameras that record activity in appropriate locations and warn of potential threats. Manage the inventory held at Cook Security warehouse of the Heritage equipment for re-deployment. Develop and manages building card access security systems, new equipment installations, movement of safe deposit boxes and provides budget and insurance recommendations for security for all bank buildings. Develop, implement and maintain physical security procedures and processes for all bank locations. Ensures plans to reduce and/or eliminate premises liability issues, site analysis and threat assessment documentation is up to date and effectively in place. Work with the bank’s branches, departments and division managers, insuring that the institution's employees, customers, and facilities are protected. Work with department/division managers to design security components for operations and other strategic processes and supervises the development and implementation of required security reporting devices and pr