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K12, Inc ISWA) HS General Ed Teacher - English - 2019/20 in Tacoma, Washington

Requisition Number.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; 19-3355.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; Title.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; (ISWA) HS General Ed Teacher - English - 2019/20.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; City.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; Tacoma.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; State.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; WA.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; Description[ISWA] ENGLISH TEACHER (GRADES 9-12).and.nbsp; INSPIRE THE FUTURE.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; K12 is a dynamic company on a mission to provide the most compelling, comprehensive, and effective K-12 education available. Our employees are a critical part of an organization that is providing powerful, new options for the way children can be educated. They have a passion for education and a drive to make a difference..and.nbsp; .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; Passionate High School Educators are needed at the K12 partner school, Insight School Of Washington. We want you to be a part of our talented team!.and.nbsp; .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; FIRST YEAR TEACHERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO APPLY. Teachers with one or more years of teaching experience are required to provide past performance data..and.nbsp; .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Teaching Certificate(s) .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Transcripts .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Performance Evaluations .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Prior Year State Assessment Data .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Reference Letter(s) .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; The mission of Insight School of Washington is to provide an exemplary individualized and engaging educational experience for students by incorporating school and community/family partnerships coupled with a rigorous curriculum along with a data-driven and student-centered instructional model. Student success will be measured by valid and reliable assessment data, parent and student satisfaction, and continued institutional growth within the academic community. Join us!.and.nbsp; AS A VIRTUAL TEACHER, YOU WILL ENJOY....and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * INSTRUCTIONAL ENVIRONMENT - Implementing instructional strategies that stimulate learning and increase student engagement .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Creating instructional resources to meet the varying needs of students .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS - Collaborating with parents and colleagues to manage coarse goals, curriculum, and materials that enhance the learning experience .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * PROFESSIONALISM - Actively participating in Professional Learning Communities (or professional development) .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * COMMUNICATION - Hosting live synchronous sessions that promote a positive learning environment .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * DATA DRIVEN PRACTICE - Analyzing student data to prescribe remediation and enrichment as needed .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Participating in data analysis meetings to monitor student growthGet To Know (ISWA) ! .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Insight School of Washington .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * Behind the scenes .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; * A Day in the life .and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp;.and.nbsp; Are you driven by excellence to deliver instruction, support and guidance, manage the learning process, and focus on students'