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Job Information

Inland Power & Light Company Work Order Specialist in Spokane, Washington

Purpose of Position

This position assists departmental personnel in work flow and analysis of utility work orders and procedures. This position is responsible to manage and audit all aspects of the work order process. Monitors as-builts for accuracy and makes necessary corrections before filing. Works with departmental personnel in organization of methods for processing paperwork, maintaining records and files and general flow of information.

Core Competencies

  1. Quality Work: Produce thorough, high quality work with minimal errors. Seek feedback, make corrections as needed. Identify problems and solve Strive to improve processes. Work collaboratively with co-workers to implement systematic changes.
  2. Productivity: Complete assigned work in a timely Utilize slow periods productively. Produce amount and volume at expected speed.
  3. Technical Skills/Job Knowledge: Demonstrate appropriate level of understanding of technical skills in area of expertise, technology, products, and/or processes involved. Duly perform assigned duties. Keep current on changes and be competent with all technology necessary to perform job.
  4. Communication: Clearly convey oral and written Keep others informed of activities and problems in timely manner. Listen well; respond appropriately and respectfully.
  5. Teamwork/Ability to Work with Others: Demonstrate ability to work in a positive manner with co-workers and/or members with differing backgrounds, opinions, capabilities, Willingly share skills, competencies, and knowledge with others. Establish and maintain strong, effective working relationships. Contribute effectively to group efforts. Promote harmony; agree to disagree without damaging relationships.
  6. Accountability: Maintain excellent attendance and provide additional assistance after normal working hours when needed. Be reliable, prepared and accept responsibility for work and actions.
  7. Integrity: Demonstrate honesty, high ethical standards, and respect for all co-workers and
  8. Professionalism: Address internal and external members with courtesy and Dress in work attire appropriate to the position. Communicate business information in a timely fashion, using means of communication appropriate to the situation.
  9. Support of Cooperative Goals: Support Cooperative goals and adhere to all policies and Contribute effectively in support of the Cooperative.
  10. Problem-Solving: Use sound logic and methodology to solve Explore multiple sources for answers, as required. Be able to identify hidden problems and propose solutions.

Job Responsibilities

Administers and processes work orders including service orders and requisitions for services/special materials; performs work order closing, materials usage, and year-end maintenance.

Performs accounting research functions as necessary to locate and correct work order entries;

Assists with completing work orders w/crew notations; enters all changes, deletions, additions into records system. Assists with processing usage on all materials used, salvaged, and junked on a routine basis

Assists in records management, both computerized and manual, with emphasis on accuracy, re-organization, and maintenance of same.

Gathers and organizes data, as directed, to assist with support in the preparation and follow-through of easements, permits and notification process for work orders, special projects.

Assists in maintaining work order files, using checklist to gather, record, track, and distribute information as needed/required

Assists in the preparation of invoices to members from other department personnel taken from the cost estimate Assists in maintaining system for receipt of