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Spokane County Sheriff's Public Records Specialist (Civil Service) in Spokane, Washington

Sheriff's Public Records Specialist (Civil Service)

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Sheriff's Public Records Specialist (Civil Service)


$39,246.96 - $52,958.16 Annually


Public Safety Building 1100 W Mallon Spokane, WA

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6/18/2021 12:00 PM Pacific

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Job Summary

TOTAL COMPENSATION: $50,236.11 - $67.796.44 annually. Total compensation is an estimate based upon base compensation, median retirement fund contributions, and current employer-paid health and related benefit contribution rates (including medical, dental, life insurance, long term disability, and leave). The actual total will vary depending upon each employee's enrollment choices.

This position supports the Sheriff's Office in the oversight, management, and coordination of public records requests and public disclosures. It ensures timely and appropriate disclosure of records in compliance with the Washington State Public Records Act and requires specialized technical knowledge and independent judgment.


Entry Level Applicants:

  • Copy of valid driver's license (Must be uploaded with your application; front side only)

  • Non-Promotional Applicants - A validated typing test with a net score of at least 45 WPM after adjustment for errors, taken within the last 90 days, is required. The Civil Service office will be offering free typing tests by appointment only. Please call 509-477-4711 to reserve a specific time. Some temporary employment agencies also offer validated typing tests. You may want to contact the agencies to confirm that they do offer validated typing tests and if they charge a fee. We will not accept self-tests completed on the Internet. If you do not submit a validated typing test, your application will be considered incomplete and you will not move forward in the testing process for this position.

  • Copy of DD-214 - Member Form 4 (if applicable; Must be uploaded with your application; See RCW 41.04.010 as to how Veteran's Preference is applied.)

  • Copy of Permanent Resident Card AKA "Green Card" (if applicable; MUST be uploaded with your application; front side only)

  • Sealed official transcripts from the school of your highest level of education or the school showing proof of your degree. All transcripts must be sealed official copies. They cannot be uploaded with your application. If your school distributes official electronic transcripts, have the registrar email the official transcripts directly to: Electronic transcripts will only be accepted if sent directly by the school. You may also mail or hand-deliver sealed, official, paper transcripts to: Spokane County Civil Service, 6011 N. Chase Rd, Newman Lake, WA 99025. If you have already submitted official transcripts to Civil Service, please do not resubmit. Do make sure to verify Civil Service has your transcripts on file.

  • DO NOT SUBMIT RESUME; resumes are NOT accepted in lieu of a complete online application.

Promotional Applicants:

  • Maximum 2-page professional resume

  • Copies of current training records with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office

  • DD-214 - Member Form 4 (if applicable; Must be uploaded with your application; See RCW 41.04.010 as to how Veteran's Preference is applied)



Written Exam: Tuesday, June 22, 2021. Complete applications that meet the minimum experience and typing requirements will be sent instructions to self-schedule for the written exam. (Suggested Study Material for the Written Exam: RCW 42.56-Public Records Act, Public Relations & Communication Skills, General Office knowledge)

Oral Board Interview: Will be scheduled at a later date for the top 10 applicants on the eligibility list.

PLEASE NOTE: All written exams, oral board interviews, or any other interview involved with this position must be conducted in-person at the applicant's expense. No Skype, over-the-phone, or outside testing facilities are permitted. No exceptions.

Examples of Duties

(May include but are not limited to the following)

Receives, reviews, and logs all public records requests sent to the Spokane County Sheriff's Office. Identifies and assigns requests to the appropriate lead department and contributing department(s). May coordinate requests when multiple departments have responses. May take the lead on record compilation and response, where appropriate.

Assesses scope, processes, and responds within required time constraints to all public records requests received by the Department.

Locates and gathers large volumes of records; reviews collected records to ensure they are responsive and complete; makes independent and accurate determinations regarding application of statutory exemptions; creates documentation substantiating application of statutory exemptions; discloses public records consistent with legal and policy mandates.

Researches, analyzes, interprets, and remains current on all relevant Required Code of Washington (RCW), Washington Administrative Codes (WACs), federal regulations, and case law regarding public disclosure. Serves as a subject matter expert, providing consultation and expert advice to Sheriff employees, elected officials and department heads.

Performs redaction of information contained within public records as well as audio and video records that are exempt from disclosure. Creates exemption logs citing the reasons for and statues relied upon when redacting or withholding exempt information.

Consults and coordinates with the Public Records Office and/or legal counsel regarding public disclosure.

Provides input to the Office Manager/Department Head regarding the development and/or revision of practices and procedures to ensure countywide efficiency, consistency, and best practices in responding to public records requests. Designs, updates, and maintains files, forms, logs, and tracking systems used in the record search and response process.

Serves as a point of contact for the public, assisting in accessing information and records; fosters cooperative relationships; exhibits and supports a positive culture of transparency. Resolves issues and concerns.

Develops effective working relationships with requestors and provides timely responses; communicates with requestors regarding the status of request(s) from time of receipt to fulfillment of response. Corresponds in accordance with the Public Records Act, Lexipol, County policies and procedures.

Preserves confidentiality and integrity of sensitive records.

Acts as the Sheriff's Office expert on records retention and public disclosure. Develops and conducts public disclosure and records retention training for Sheriff's Office employees.

May assist with duties in the Civil Unit.

Performs other related duties as required.

Minimum Requirements

This is an open and promotional position. Applicants must be a United States citizen or lawful permanent resident who can read and write the English language. High school diploma or equivalent. Three (3) years equivalent full-time general office experience and one (1) year equivalent full-time experience working with public disclosure requests, data collection and analysis, or extensive research duties. Keyboard at minimum 45 words per minute. Must successfully complete a background check meeting criterion for a security sensitive position. Must complete Public Records Act training within six (6) months of hire.

Selection Factors

Considerable Knowledge of:

  • federal, state, and local laws, rules, and regulations related to public records disclosure and retention schedules.

  • principles and practices of public records disclosure.

  • research methods.

  • electronic records management.

  • effective methods and principles of customer service.

  • principles and practices of group facilitation for training.

Ability to:

  • read, review, and interpret a wide variety of records and documents for the purposes of evaluation for public disclosure.

  • research and interpret related RCWs, WACs, federal regulations, and case law.

  • work independently and accurately, managing multiple priorities and competing deadlines.

  • exercise sound judgment and thorough knowledge of state regulations and county policies, procedures, etc.

  • establish and maintain effective working relationships with internal and external customers.

  • communicate effectively both orally and in writing, using tact and diplomacy.

  • maintain strict confidentiality of sensitive documents, records, and information.

  • learn and use related computer programs.

  • organize large volumes of records and documents.

  • maintain accurate documentation (logging of receipt, exemptions, etc.) in compliance with the Public Records Act.

    Skilled in:

  • the use of personal computers and related software.

  • presenting and providing instructions to coworkers.


Employee Benefits Summary

The following is a brief list of benefits available to Spokane County regular employees. Complete information is available from Human Resources Department. This information is subject to change.


Spokane County Observed Holidays

Up to 10 (ten) paid holidays are observed by Spokane County.


Non-represented and a select group of represented employees receive a bank of hours that combine both vacation and sick leave into a paid time off bank. There is no waiting period to use this time and it starts out at almost 2 days per month accrual.


For employees with less than five (5) years of continuous service, the accrual rate is 1 day of vacation each month for a total of 12 days per year. After six (6) months, employees are eligible to take accumulated vacation time. (Please note the vacation time accumulation may vary depending on contract language).

Sick Leave

Sick leave is earned at 1 day per month and can be taken as the days are accumulated.

Other Leaves

Spokane County provides several other paid leaves such as: bereavement leave, jury duty and military duty leave.


Medical Insurance

Two plans are currently available: Premera Blue Cross (PPO) and Kaiser Permanente (HMO). Spokane County pays 95% of the premium for full-time employees and 90% of the premiums for spouses and dependents. Premiums are deducted each pay period (pay periods: 15th and last day of the month).

2020 Rates:


Employee Only: $17.18 per pay period

Employee & Spouse: $67.55 per pay period

Employee & Family: $94.70 per pay period

Employee & Child(ren): $61.52 per pay period


Employee: $16.23 per pay period

Employee & Spouse: $63.50 per pay period

Employee & Family: $88.58 per pay period

Employee & Child(ren): $58.09 per pay period

Dental Insurance

Two plans are currently available: Delta Dental of Washington (PPO) and Willamette Dental (DMO). Spokane County pays 95% of the premium for full-time employees and 90% of the premiums for spouses and dependents.

2020 Rates:

Delta Dental Willamette Dental

Employee: $2.71 per pay Employee: $2.99 per pay

Family: $5.42 per pay Family: $5.98 per pay

Group Life Insurance

The County provides a $25,000 group life insurance policy to employees that are non-represented, elected officials, 1553, 1553S, 280, 1135, 17, PWG, SPA, 492J, 492N, DSA, Road Supervisor Guild, RIC, OLC, and 690. The County provides a $10,000 benefit for those represented by 492. This benefit is paid in full by Spokane County.

Long Term Disability Coverage

Provides an income protection benefit in the event of a long-term illness or injury at rate of 60% of income up to a maximum of $5,000 per month. Spokane County pays the full premium for this plan.


Retirement Plan (401a)

Spokane County employees are automatically included in the Washington State Retirement System. Both the employer and the employee contribute to the plan. This retirement plan provides a guaranteed lifetime monthly benefit once vested and eligible for retirement.

Additional Retirement Plan Option (457b)

Employees may supplement their retirement income and save money on taxes by participating in this optional County program. Roth (after-tax) option is also available through this retirement plan.



Supplemental insurance is optional and is provided by AFLAC to help pay for benefits not covered by major medical insurance. The employee pays 100% of the premium.

Travel Assistance

Provides additional travel protections anytime you travel more than 100 miles from home. Includes pre-trip information, emergency ticket replacement, and emergency evacuation coverage. This benefit is paid in full by Spokane County.

Flexible Spending Plan (FSA)

Spokane County sponsors a Section 125 Flexible Spending Account to allow out-of-pocket Medical & Daycare Expenses to be paid with Tax Free Dollars. Premiums are automatically set up pre-tax under the FSA.

Voluntary Term Life Insurance

Voluntary Term Life Insurance is additional optional life insurance provided through The Standard Insurance. New employees are guaranteed up to $50,000 for self and $20,000 for a spouse with no medical underwriting needed.


Employee Assistance Program

Employees and their family members are eligible to receive free counseling. There are also benefits relating to financial and legal concerns.

Reduced Cost Bus Pass Program

Spokane County participates in a program with STA which discounts bus passes to $5 a month.

Wellness Programs

There are opportunities for nearby exercise programs at reduced cost and education programs around wellness themes including financial well-being, nutrition and stress reduction.


There are local and national discounts available to Spokane County employees.


Are you a citizen of the United States or a Legal Permanent Resident who can read and write the English language? *Legal Permanent Residents MUST upload a copy of their valid resident card.

  • Yes

  • No


    Do you have a high school diploma or equivalent (GED)?

  • Yes

  • No


    Do you have a valid driver's license?

  • Yes

  • No


    Have you uploaded a copy of your current driver's license? Applications without this attachment will not be accepted.

  • Yes

  • No


    Have you uploaded a validated typing test reaching 45 WPM or more after adjustment for errors taken within the last 90 days? Civil Service MUST receive this by the closing date and time in order to continue with the hiring process.

  • Yes

  • No


    Do you have equivalent to at least one (1) year full-time experience working with public disclosure requests, data collection and analysis, or extensive research duties?

  • Yes

  • No


    Do you acknowledge that if hired, you must complete Public Records Act training within six (6) months hire?

  • Yes

  • No


    Because of their role in law enforcement, applicants are required to pass a thorough investigation of their background. This includes an investigation of conviction records, employment and education history, credit history, character and reputation in the community, etc. Do you understand that if you meet the minimum qualifications for this position, you will be subject to a thorough background investigation?

  • Yes

  • No


    Have you submitted, or shown proof of order, your sealed-official transcripts from your highest level of education to the Civil Service office? Official transcripts MUST be received in Civil Service in order to continue with the hiring process.

  • Yes

  • No

    Required Question


Spokane County


824 N Adams Spokane, Washington, 99260