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Job Information

East Valley School District #361 Kitchen Manager in Spokane Valley, Washington

Job Summary:

The Kitchen Manager position will report to the Direct of Nutrition Services. They will coordinate and direct the activities of the kitchen, including, but not limited to: creating duty assignments as needed, performing skilled cooking duties, directing and supervising personnel assigned to the facility in a pleasant and helpful manner, as well as maintaining the food supply.

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Essential Job Functions:

This list of essential job functions is not exhaustive and may be supplemented as necessary. Depending upon individual assignment, the employee may perform all or a combination of several of the following duties:


  • Direct and participate in food preparation according to standard menu, recipes and verbal instructions. This will be done economically, efficiently and on schedule.
  • Guide the production and understand the regulations of preparing and serving in matters of temperature, appearance and portion size.
  • Requisition routine supplies, keep records and make reports.
  • Numerical and clerical ability to calculate and record production quantities and inventory.
  • Repeatedly lift and/or otherwise move cases and pans of food and other materials.
  • Pack food properly for transportation to area schools and meal sites and assist with deliveries.
  • Assist with serving meals.
  • Assist in serving students by following USDA guidelines and ensuring that their needs are recognized and acknowledged.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Operate kitchen equipment, mechanical dishwasher and other equipment as needed.
  • Order food, produce, dairy and bread products weekly.
  • Rotate stock on shelves to insure freshness of products.
  • Safely operate any equipment introduced into the kitchen.
  • Maintain a sanitary and safe kitchen.
  • Perform other duties by the Supervisor of Nutrition Services.
  • Clean kitchen areas, equipment, mechanical dishwasher, and other equipment as needed.
  • Store food as directed.


``` - Assist in upholding and enforcing school district rules, administrative regulations, and board policies. - Take all necessary and reasonable precautions to protect students, equipment, materials, and facilities. - Requires the use of multiple communication systems, such as electronic mail and computers. - Inspect school or district facilities for the purpose of ensuring that the site is suitable for safe operations, maintained in an attractive and clean condition, and/or identifying necessary repairs due to vandalism, equipment breakage, weather conditions, etc. - The employee shall maintain a consistent presence at the assigned work site(s) and work the regular work hours specified by the contract. - Professionally interact with colleagues, members of the public, and students. - Comply with all District policies and all applicable laws. - Perform special assignments and other duties as assigned or required by the supervisor.

Desired Skills:

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Ability to complete 10 hours of training annually as required by the USDA.

Experience in quantity food production and preparation preferred.

Must be pleasant, cooperative, and able to work with students, teaching staff, co-workers, and the public.

Must have good leadership skills; ability to plan, organize, direct, coordinate and delegate responsibilities to food service staff.

Must be willing to maintain and update food service abilities by attending workshops, conferences, food shows, and/or in-service programs.

Ability to scratch bake.

Must be able to read, write, and do basic mathematics such as extrapolation recipes, keeping records, making changes, counting money, and making reports.

Knowledge of measuring, weighing