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Req #: 199617


Posting Date: 11/16/2022

Closing Info: Open Until Filled

Salary: $9550/mo - $14,944/mo DOE

Limited Recruitment: Other

Limited Recruitment Other: Open to current Harborview MCICU/TSICU APPs only

Shift: First Shift

LEAD APP, MCICU & TSICU (LEAD NURSE PRACTITIONER OR PHYSICIAN ASSISTANT) *This position is open only to current Harborview MCICU/TSICU APPs. SUMMARY: The Lead APP (Lead ARNP or PA-C) will, in collaboration with an attending physician, examine, diagnose and treat acute health problems. Responsibilities include taking and recording health histories, performing physical examinations, initiating diagnostic procedures and managing minor trauma and acute health problems. The Lead APP also leads and mentors other APPs in 24 Hour/7 Days a week work in these environments. Standards of Performance 1. Documentation – documents pertinent findings on chart and in dictation, completes pro-fee sheet when appropriate. 2. Accuracy – orders appropriate diagnostic tests and accurately interprets results 3. Thoroughness – does history and physical exam consistent with patient complaint and findings 4. Discharge – makes discharge referrals to appropriate specialty clinics 5. Prescribing – prescribes appropriate medications on an individualized basis 6. Attending consultation – seeks consultation by attending physician as needed 7. Ancillary Consults – orders PT, OT, Diabetic Ed. when needed 8. Dictation – completes dictation in a timely manner 9. Transcription – reads, signs or requests edit of transcription in a timely manner 10. Specialty Consults – requests appropriate specialty consult when needed 11. Procedures – performs suturing, line placement, lumbar puncture and other procedures as appropriate. 12. Admissions – consults with appropriate admitting team and completes paperwork expeditiously 13. (UCC Lab – Uses lab resources appropriately) This is specific to the ED 14. Neatness – keeps work area clean, cleans lab resources after using 15. Productivity – sees an appropriate number of patients each shift 16. Use of Time – uses time at work in job related activity with minimal personal use of clinic time 17. Students – shares knowledge with students in clinical training, precepts students and gives objective appropriate feedback 18. Working Relationships – works well with superiors, colleagues & subordinates 19. Reliability – arrives to work in a timely manner, uses sick time appropriately 20. Resources – attempts to conserve clinic resources 21. Policies – demonstrates knowledge of and adherence to policies and procedures of HMC 22. Confidentiality – protects written and verbal patient information according to policy and procedure 23. Respect – demonstrates an attitude of respect for human dignity and the uniqueness of each patient, visitor and staff member 24. Growth & development – completes all mandatory education programs in a timely manner 25. Evaluation Process – actively participates in Annual Performance review Education 1. Mentors new employees. 2. Assures new employees received orientation to HMC, PCS, and unit operations. 3. Orients new staff to the department. 4. Assures employees have access to policies, procedures and other references to facilitate their work. 5. Assures that employee performance is evaluated in writing at 6 months and annually there after. 6. Assures that all staff is scheduled for mandatory education and appropriate inservices. 7. Facilitates access to and use of e-mail, CIS, and voicemail. 8. Assists with needs assessment and facilitates scheduling of unit based education. 9. Participates in the evaluation of unit-based education. 10. Implements education pertinent to unit 11. Facilitates introduction and training to new products and equipment. 12. Assures communication of management information, changes, new and revised policy and procedures for HMC and PCS. Human Resources Management 1. Participates in the interview process for new applicants. 2. Prepares annual evaluations that represent the performance and developmental goals of the employees. 3. Oversees the master schedules. 4. Oversees the weekly schedules. 5. Reviews and processes requests from staff for time off appropriately. 6. Provides appropriate and timely coaching and counseling. 7. Collaborates with managers to implement and monitor employee development. 8. Participates in the analysis of budget variances related to staffing resources utilization, such as monitoring the use of overtime. 9. Other duties as assigned. Daily Operations 19. Ensures staff uses safety, infection control, emergency, and equipment guidelines. 1. Proactively assesses staffing needs, resources and takes appropriate action. 2. Collaborates with the managers on special projects based on unit needs. 3. Unit specific projects and assignments are completed in a timely manner 4. Performs delegated duties in the absence of the manager. 5. Serves as a role model and mentor to staff. 6. Facilitates and models effective interdisciplinary collaboration related to patient care and unit operations. 7. Acts as an advocate for on-going care management initiative. 8. Proactively facilitates discharge planning; anticipates obstacles and intervenes effectively. 9. Alerts managers to actual or potential problems in a timely manner. 10. Investigates complaints and initiates corrective action within scope of authority. 11. Suggests and conducts audits and QA projects (formal and informal) to monitor unit standards. 12. Utilizes incident reports to assess and improve patient care, including counseling staff and addressing system issues as needed. 13. Recognizes ethical dilemmas and initiates use of appropriate resources. 14. Facilitates and models the use of clinical pathways as appropriate. 15. Suggests improvements in clinical pathways or operations based on analysis of variance data and observations. 16. Develops and prepares reports and coordinates preparation of statistics; e.g. productivity, continuing education, etc. Leadership/Management/Role Modeling 1. Effectively solves problems intra- and inter-departmentally. 2. Contributes to the professional development of staff, colleagues and others. 3. Acts as liaison to the Director of Care Management for group planning and communicating of administrative information and updates back to the group. 4. Meets attendance standards. 5. Continually seeks to improve own professional practice and promotes professional practice in others. 6. Maintains current licensure & certification. 7. Consistently wears identification badge. 8. Functions within PCS, HMC policies, procedures and guidelines. 9. Considers factors related to safety, effectiveness and cost in coordinating patient care for the unit. 10. Is a role model in clear & courteous communication w/staff & other departments. 11. Willingly offers assistance and expertise to other departments. 12. Acts as a unit liaison with community agencies. 13. Demonstrates willingness and ability to motivate co-workers to continually improve performance and professionalism as appropriate. 14. Contributes to positive staff morale. 15. Effectively works with medical staff to promote positive patient outcomes. Lead APP Skills 1. Assigns patients based on skill mix of staff, patient needs, and while recognizing budget implications. 2. Knows general conditions of patients on the unit and uses the information to make appropriate changes and reprioritize as indicated. 3. Demonstrates calm, efficient demeanor, and is tactful and positive. 4. Available to staff for consultation and assistance. 5. Assists, resolves, or appropriately refers customer service issues. 6. Reports environmental safety issues to appropriate persons in a timely manner. 7. Utilizes chain of command appropriately. Standards of Daily Practice 1. Provides direction and support for preceptors and orientees. 2. Acts as a clinical and administrative resource. 3. Promotes positive image to other units, patients, families, other departments and administration. 4. Aware of unit needs and responds effectively, (e.g. educational, clinical, operation, and teamwork). 5. Promotes calm, supportive atmosphere. 6. Handles conflict appropriately. 7. Uses critical thinking skills in decision making process. 8. Consistently demonstrates and promotes high standards of care. 9. Facilitates interdisciplinary care that improves patient outcomes and care mgmt. Requirements: *This position is open only to current Harborview MCICU/TSICU APPs. Licensure as either an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP) in the State of Washington; or as a Physician Assistant (PA-C) in the State of Washington; Master's Degree; and two years of experience as an APP (ARNP or PA-C); must be eligible to receive hospital staff appointments for adjunct staff membership by the organized medical staff of the hospital under Medical Staff By-Laws for Hospital-based positions. (If ARNP, requires national certification as Acute Care ARNP; or experience as provider in position specialty area.) Lead experience desirable.

University of Washington is an affirmative action and equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to, among other things, race, religion, color, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, sex, age, protected veteran or disabled status, or genetic information.