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Vanquish Worldwide, LLC Equipment/Supply Technician in Seattle, Washington

POSITION DESCRIPTIONPART-TIME EQUIPMENT/SUPPLY TECHNICIANEPA Region 10 Seattle Emergency Response Logistics CenterWage: $31.83/hour plus $4.22/hour Health and Welfare BenefitThe Part-Time Equipment/Supply Technician provides technical coordination of instruments, equipment, and supplies supporting site assessment and emergency response related to releases of hazardous materials into the environment. The position responsibilities include emergency preparedness, support of environmental sampling, instrument/equipment maintenance, and response vehicle/facility management/maintenance. The Technician serves with a team of contractors to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), working to mitigate threats posed by the presence of hazardous materials that present an imminent or substantial endangerment to human health or the environment.Qualifications:Proficiency related to maintenance, calibration, and troubleshooting and repair of scientific and environmental instrumentation.Knowledge/experience related to vehicle maintenance, compressor operation, IATA/DOT dangerous goods shipping, operation/maintenance of electronics and electrical equipment, carpentry, plumbing, mechanics, hydraulics, and welding/soldering is a plus.Ability to drive large ER vehicles (up to 26,000 lbs), the ability to tow a 20-foot trailer, and knowledge about the safe operational parameters required in towing trailers is a plus.The ability to participate in a team effort to efficiently and cost-effectively manage help manage inventory, and fill equipment and supplies orders, of scientific instruments/equipment, parts and supplies.Knowledge and experience applicable to tasks associated with operating and managing government-provided, secure facilities where services and functions are provided in accordance with established commercial/government practices is a plus.Qualified according to guidelines for obtaining Federal Government/EPA security clearance.Proficiency with MS Word, MS Excel, and other basic office computer applications. Experience with database usage is a plus.Responsibilities:Monthly and ongoing responsibilities, potentially including the following tasks, with training provided:Managing equipment checkouts and check-ins, inspecting equipment, updating database records.Communicating with staff members regarding equipment/vehicle/parts/supplies concerns, coordinating with field teams regarding needed technical support and equipment repair.Calibrating, maintaining, and troubleshooting environmental/health/safety monitoring instruments.Making arrangements with vendors to comply with applicable calibration and maintenance requirements.Gathering equipment maintenance and parts/supply quotations regarding instruments/equipment/parts/supplies related to emergency response, site assessment, and homeland security.Preparing emails to coordinate purchase approvals and equipment/parts/supply orders.Coordinating equipment/parts/supplies shipments, including dangerous goods shipping, and shipping/delivering equipment, vehicles, and/or parts/supplies to site assessment/response sites in a timely manner.Evaluating and developing alternative solutions regarding equipment purchasing, maintenance, repair, and needed supplies.Receiving and confirming received equipment/parts/supplies orders.Installation/configuration/upkeep of communications technology.Inspecting and maintaining vehicles.Completing as-needed tasks associated with operating and managing government-provided, secure facilities where services and functions are provided in accordan