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Moseley Technical Services, Inc. Engineer - Data Sr in Seattle, Washington

Check out this new opportunity! Engineer- Data Sr. Seattle, WA / Huntsville, AL / Rocket Park, FL Contract Position $109.48 - $118.71/Hour Responsibilities: * Drive the practice of federating data ingestion, curation, and hydrating the ontology within our Palantir Foundry platform. * Guide the definition of common standards for data pipelines, ensuring high data quality, robust Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), and precise data classification. * Be at the helm of creating patterns and standards for Change Data Capture (CDC), incremental loads, and streaming data within the platform. * Lead the design and implementation of DevOps practices, data platform monitoring, and observability to ensure operational excellence and high availability of data services. * Need to solution & implement complex data pipelines orchestration for a knowledge graph build. * Federate Data Ingestion and Curation: Lead the efforts to streamline data ingestion and curation processes, ensuring efficient and scalable data handling within the Palantir Foundry platform. * Hydrate Ontology: Spearhead the development and maintenance of the ontology, facilitating a structured and intuitive understanding of the data landscape. * Define Data Pipeline Standards * Establish common standards for data pipelines, focusing on data quality, RBAC, and data classification to maintain integrity and security. * Develop Data Patterns and Standards: * Create and implement patterns and standards for CDC, incremental loads, and real-time data streaming, enhancing the platform's responsiveness and flexibility. * Lead Ontology Build: * Guide the construction of the ontology, ensuring it meets the complex needs of aerospace manufacturing data. * Mentor Data Engineers: * Provide leadership and mentorship to other data engineers, promoting the adoption of standards, patterns, and DataOps practices for federating data pipeline work across the enterprise. * Accelerate Delivery and Self-Service: * Drive the acceleration of data pipeline delivery and promote data self-service consumption, enabling faster decision-making and innovation. * DevOps Practices: * Design and implement DevOps practices for data operations, ensuring continuous integration, continuous delivery, and automated testing are at the core of the data engineering workflow. * Monitoring and Observability: * Establish comprehensive monitoring and observability frameworks for the data platform, enabling proactive issue detection and resolution to maintain high service availability. Qualifications: * Bachelor's or Master's degree in Computer Science, Data Engineering, or a related field. * 8- 12 years required in the data engineering & data management with a strong focus on data platforms like Databricks, Snowflake or Palantir Foundry * Extensive knowledge of data ingestion, ETL processes, and data modeling. * Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to work with complex data integration challenges. * Experience with data reconciliation, data pipeline & data monitoring, and performance optimization. * Excellent communication and teamwork skills * Leadership experience and the ability to mentor junior engineers. * Prior experience in aerospace manufacturing or a related industry is a plus * Ability to earn trust, maintain positive and professional relationships, and contribute to a culture of inclusion * Technology Stack Experience: * Programming Languages - Python, PySpark, Java, SQL * Databases - Postgres, Oracle * Cloud Services - AWS, Azure, GCP (storage, compute, databases, catalogs, streaming, replication, Queueing & Notification, Logging & Monitoring service) - any one of the cloud platforms is good but AWS is preferre To view the full job description,