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Cape Fox Dental Assistant in Seattle, Washington

Dental Assistant Work Location: Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Cape Cod, MA; Cape May, NJ; Atlantic City, NJ; Elizabeth City, NC; New London, CT; Norfolk, VA; Portsmouth, VA; Selfridge, MI; Staten Island, NY; Washington, DC; Yorktown, VA; Traverse City, MI; Philadelphia, PA; Borinquen, PR; Clearwater, FL; Galveston, TX; Miami Beach, FL; Mobile, AL; New Orleans, LA; Opa Locka, FL; San Juan, PR; St. Petersburg, FL; Corpus Christi, TX; Miami, FL; Savannah, GA; Key West, FL; Jacksonville, FL; Charleston, SC; Alameda, CA; Juneau, AK; Ketchikan, AK; Kodiak, AK; North Bend, OR; Port Angeles, WA; Petaluma, CA; San Pedro, CA; Seattle, WA; Warrenton (Astoria), OR; Humboldt Bay, CA; Honolulu, HI; Barbers Point, HI; Sacramento, CA; Sitka, AK; San Diego, CA Core Duties: Responsible for a full range of dental assistant procedures in support of the dental office including examinations, delivery of treatment under the "four handed dentistry" format within the personnel and equipment capabilities and limitations imposed by the Dental Assistant Practice Acts, or similar regulations, of the state of the facility Aid in the provision, and within the limitations imposed by the Dental Assistant Practice Acts, or similar regulations, of the State where services provided, of mandated dental surveillance and preventive services and the quality and timeliness of treatment records and reports required to document procedures performed and care provided Refer patients who present with a complaint to staff dentists for evaluation and continuation of care and attend multidisciplinary treatment team meetings on behalf of the dental officers Treat all Active-Duty beneficiaries presented for care Provide for the examination, treatment, and disposition of patients compatible with the dental clinic's operating capacity and equipment Coordinate with other health care departments and the clinic staff to provide complete care to patients Provide training to staff for routine dental assistant activities and procedures so that the benefit of routine care can be accrued Maintain patient records in accordance with external accreditation organizations and established Coast Guard dental records maintenance requirements Select and arrange instruments and prepare setups for patient treatment Assist during patient examination and treatment Assist during administration of anesthesia Assist in placement and removal or sutures Instruct in basic oral hygiene care Prepare restorative and impression materials Dispose of contaminated waste in accordance with the standard procedures of the dental clinic Load and unload radiographic film cassettes Expose bitewing, periapical, and occlusal film utilizing bisecting angle or paralleling radiographic techniques Perform digital radiology procedures to include radiograph image management on computer software program Maintain operatory to meet the clinic's standards Inventory medicine and drug stocks to ensure adequate supplies and controls Greet and receive patients and direct them to appropriate care Receive and screen telephone calls File and maintain Healthcare records File healthcare reports in health records Maintain Health Record checkout file Input daily patient information into Clinic's healthcare information systems Schedule and track consultations for specialty care Maintain referral log and notify patients of appointments Review and verify patient eligibility for care in accordance with Defense Eligibility Enrollment Reporting System (DEERS) computer system guidelines Prepare and submit appropriate documentation as specified in applicable regulations Provide immediate evaluation and management of emergent problems as they occur in addition to regular scheduled appointments File and maintain paper and electronic health records File healthcare reports in health records and electronic health records Inputs daily pa