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Blackstone Consulting SOC Specialist - Renton - Grave in Renton, Washington

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POSITION: Healthcare SOC

SITE: KPWA - Renton


TUE-SAT 2200-0600


Blackstone Consulting, Inc. (BCI) is a minority-owned, 8,000 employee, global service provideroverseeing account services in food, environmental, facility maintenance, professional staffing, and security. Within our healthcare security division, we help healthcare organizations achieve superior programs and results. This includes our investment in you and your ability to deliver best practices to our client while receiving exceptional training to advance your healthcare career with BCI. Together, we are building a best-in-class healthcare security operation and are looking for top talent to join us in this effort. We are an equal opportunity employer committed to a diverse workforce.

BCI seeks a dedicated and passionate Healthcare SOC Supervisor to serve as an integral part of the security and care delivery team for a leading healthcare provider.

On a typical day as a Healthcare SOC Specialist, you can expect:

  • A fast-paced, exciting, and challenging environment;

  • A collaborative and rewarding team atmosphere;

  • Hospital patients, staff and visitors who count on your compassion and knowledge;

  • To remain active, engaged, and moving;

  • Ever-changing conditions that move from quiet calm to extreme urgent in an instant;

  • To learn new professional and interpersonal skills;

  • To make a positive impact on someone's health and wellbeing every day!

Core competencies:

  • Security basics: Ability to learn, retain and perform basic healthcare security functions;

  • Risk management: Ability to identify, educate, manage, and report security risks impacting service delivery;

  • Communication: Ability to listen, share, modify information effectively amongst different stakeholder groups and in varying departments;

  • Service delivery: Ability to consistently demonstrate professional behavior that is responsive to the needs of the client;

  • Leadership: Ability to motivate, inspire, and influence others.

Core responsibilities include:

  • Properly handles routine and emergency calls and incidents detrimental to the security and safety of the facility, patients, staff, and employees.

  • Controls access to client facility through the admittance process; assists visitors with a legitimate need to gain entry to the facility; screens members, visitors and client employees in a proficient manner in order to expedite their admittance to the facility, as needed and when prescribed.

  • Provides an atmosphere in which all client employees and visitors know that the client responds to and cares about their needs; provides a courteous, respectful and pleasant interaction with each client employee and visitor as perceived from their point of view; presents a good image of the client and its security department. Maintains and displays good public relations skills when interacting with patients, visitors, and staff.

  • Communicates in a manner that is open, honest, and responsive in all situations - to the extent authorized - provides information regarding the facility and surrounding area as requested by visitors.

  • Monitors entrances and exits; prevents unapproved or unlawful entry; controls entrances, the movement of people and vehicles, and parking; operates a gate and examines vehicle contents; monitors remote entrances using closed circuit television; operates remote access devices; in a calm manner, directs persons who cause a disturbance to leave the property.

  • Protects evidence or scene of incident in the event of accidents, emergencies, or security investigations; sets up barriers and signage, and provides direction or information to others.

  • Prepares logs or reports as required for post; writes or types reports or enters information in a computer using standard grammar; inspects security control logs, and takes action as required.

  • Observes and reports incidents or suspicious activity to client representatives, company management, life/safety personnel, or public safety authorities as appropriate for the circumstances, and/or as required by the post.

  • Responds to incidents of disaster, healthcare facility emergency codes, fire, medical emergency, bomb threat, flooding, water discharge, elevator emergency, hazardous material event, inclement weather, and other incidents or conditions following procedures established for post, by the company, or through training/certification.

  • As needed, accurately logs and maintains the Lost and Found department log while adhering to the stated restrictions as they appear in the departmental manual. Assures that all property removal is conducted within appropriate policy requirements and in accordance with client standards; identifies client products or materials among items carried by client employees or visitors.

  • Workplace safety: is aware of and works within healthcare facility and departmental safety guidelines, including reporting potential hazards and hazardous behavior. Uses appropriate body mechanics and lifting devices, as needed, for all work assignments.

  • Carries out specific tasks and duties of a similar nature and scope as required for the assigned post.

  • Serves and is directly responsible for the monitoring of the alarm systems, the cameras, and the radio systems for security throughout the assigned Service Area.

  • Makes decisions: rapidly, accurately, and often times with very little information to go on.

  • Is also the liaison between security and all other departments as well as patients and visitors.

  • Is also responsible for making the appropriate internal and external notifications during facility emergencies or unusual events, as well as keeping the Security Shift Lead or Supervisors at all locations advised of unusual occurrences that might affect his or her shift.

  • Is responsible for accurately processing, logging and reporting events on his or her shift, coordinating incident and service request responses, and performing routine equipment maintenance as directed by the Lead or Supervisor.

  • Is assigned logistical support projects and other duties within the SOC as needed.

  • Meets or exceeds annual or bi-annual clinical/employee health screening requirements.

  • Is directly responsible for back-up, security and documentation of critical database(s).

  • Is directly responsible for ensuring all staff members are in compliance.

  • Is directly responsible for ensuring all System Testing Programs are in compliance.

  • Is the first point of contact for other staff members for technical and logistical support.

  • Is directly responsible for accumulation of statistical reporting data as assigned.

  • Is directly responsible for ensuring inventory and repair status records are in compliance.

  • Investigates incidents of unusual circumstances reported by the healthcare facility personnel, visitors, physicians or patients, and reports incidents, verbally or through general incident form, by the end of each shift.

  • Writes incident reports and documents investigative steps and results.

  • Responds to emergency calls for assistance to control disorderly conduct or combative patients.

  • Patrols buildings and grounds; and inspects doors, windows, and locks to determine level of security.

  • Patrols parking areas to detect any irregularities.

  • Inspects outgoing parcels as necessary to prevent theft of the healthcare facility property.

  • Reports all safety and fire hazards observed on routine patrols and inspections.

  • Assists and gives courteous responses to any inquiries made by patients, visitors, or personnel.

  • Enforces all healthcare facility & BCI policies and procedures as assigned by Administration and BCI Management.

Company benefits include:

  • Introduction and exposure to a leading healthcare service provider

  • Hands-on training, professional development, and career advancement opportunities

  • Exceptional health, dental, and vision insurance

  • Competitive 401K plan, flexible paid vacation, and sick days

Minimum qualifications at entry:

  • Be 18 years of age and possess a high school diploma or GED

  • Have a reliable and functional means of communication (i.e., cell phone)

  • The legal right to work in the United States

  • Fluent in English (writing and speaking)

  • Possess a valid government-issued driver's license or state-issued I.D.

  • Bachelor's degree or master's degree preferred (or equivalent experience)

  • Ability to obtain IAHSS basic certification within six (6) months

  • Active state issued guard card preferred

  • Participate in a pre-employment drug and background screening process

  • Complete healthcare competency assessment and training on defusing assaultive behaviors

Please visit the job profile below for more detailed information about the role:

SOC Specialist Job Profile (