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Space Exploration Technologies Corp. Sr. Automation and Controls Engineer, Satellites (Starlink) in Redmond, Washington

SpaceX was founded under the belief that a future where humanity is out exploring the stars is fundamentally more exciting than one where we are not. Today SpaceX is actively developing the technologies to make this possible, with the ultimate goal ofenabling human life on Mars. SR. AUTOMATION AND CONTROLS ENGINEER, SATELLITES (STARLINK) At SpaceX we\'re leveraging our experience in building rockets and spacecraft to deploy Starlink, the world\'s most advanced broadband internet system. Starlink is the world\'s largest satellite constellation and is providing fast, reliable internet to 1M+ users worldwide. We design, build, test, and operate all parts of the system - thousands of satellites, consumer receivers that allow users to connect within minutes of unboxing, and the software that brings it all together. We\'ve only begun to scratch the surface of Starlink\'s potential global impact are looking for best-in-class engineers to help maximize Starlink\'s utility for communities and businesses around the globe. One key component of SpaceX\'s success so far is our commitment to keeping all engineering and production in-house, which enables a tight feedback loop, nimble decision making, and speedy deliverables. Automation and Controls Engineers in our Redmond facility are hyper-focused on delivering manufacturing solutions capable of producing cutting edge satellites by the thousands. As a senior member of this team you will lead creative, multi-disciplinary projects spanning machine design, robotics, motion systems, and factory health monitoring that all come together to form the innovative, high-rate factories that allow us to deliver internet to those that need it most. RESPONSIBILITIES: Design, develop, and manage automation projects - this includes initial factory ideation, machine commissioning and proof of rate capability, and eventual hand-off to operational teams Architect, write, and debug PLC code with an emphasis on generating code that is organized, structured, documented, maintainable, and reusable for high-volume manufacturing applications Keep our factory safe and reliable by implementing ANSI/RIA15.06/OSHA compliant systems for robots, gantries, conveyors, and other manufacturing equipment Generate aesthetically simple HMI screens to make complex machines easy to understand, operate, and troubleshoot Design electrical systems compliant to NEC, NFPA, & UL508A regulations Stay organized by creating schedules and budgets, and then motivate the team to achieve them BASIC QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor\'s degree in an engineering, physics, or computer science discipline 5+ years of total experience in industrial or factory automation design and implementation OR 5+ years of experience designing and building electro-mechanical/robotic/automated systems or products PREFERRED SKILLS AND EXPERIENCE: Excited by a quick and iterative design and manufacturing role Proven ability to solve complex problems with simple solutions in both design and implementation stages Excellent communication skills both written and verbal, with the ability to make plans and directional recommendations collaboratively and cross-functionally Ability to engineer creative, new approaches to problems while adhering to ANSI/RIA15.06/OSHA safety requirements to keep a factory safe Experience with at least one of the specific disciplines listed below. The ideal candidate is interested in learning at least the fundamentals of the other areas they are not yet strong in. Mechanical: Machine design with focus on speed, reliability, maintainability, and safety Motion system sizing and implementation (gantries, robotics, conveyance, motors, actuators, pneumatics/hydraulics, sensor selection and integration, etc.) Fundamental structures hand calculations and ability to design for strength and sti