MICROSOFT CORP Applied Scientist (Data) in Redmond, Washington

Microsoft Corporation has the following job opportunity: Utilize knowledge in applied statistics and mathematics to handle large amounts of data using various tools. Understand the data generated by experiments and produce actionable, trustworthy conclusions from them. Take complex problems and the associated data and provide answers in a concise form to assist senior executives in making key business decisions. Build data manipulation, processing and visualization tools and share those tools and knowledge across the team and the company. Work with partner teams on implementation plans, quality engineering, testing considerations and estimates of time for implementation. Minimum Requirements: EDUCATION: Master’s or foreign equivalent degree in Computer Science, Operations Research, Statistics, Physics, Mathematics, or related field. EXPERIENCE: 6 months of big data analysis experience. SPECIFIC SKILLS: This position also requires education or experience in SQL; Statistical Data Analysis; Machine Learning; R; Visualization; Data Engineering; and Modeling. To apply, visit: Multiple job openings. Qualified candidates must meet the minimum requirements for the position. Microsoft Corporation is an equal opportunity employer. Internal Ref: TSMWK14074