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Job Information

EMPLOYMENT SECURITY DEPT 23-257 Orchard Workers for FirstFruit Farms in Prescott, Washington



This H-2A job opportunity is limited to qualified, available workers that are currently eligible to work in the United States, per federal regulation.

Job Description

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  • [Pruning, thinning, training, harvesting and other specialized orchard tasks]{times="" new="" roman\"\"=""}
  • [Performing tasks from ground level, using 10-12 foot ladders or from motorized platform]{times="" new="" roman\"\"=""}
  • [Pruning-trimming number varieties of apple and cherry trees depending on block, variety, crop yield or company, market, or horticultural needs]{times="" new="" roman\"\"=""}[  ]{times="" new="" roman\"\"=""}
  • [Thinning-manually removing fruit or buds to control the size, quantity, and/or quality of mature fruit]{times="" new="" roman\"\"=""}
  • [Training-physically tying, taping, clipping or otherwise affixing tree limbs to trellis structure to train]{times="" new="" roman\"\"=""}
  • [Harvesting-manual hand harvesting of apples and/or cherries using harness, bucket or bag ]{times="" new="" roman\"\"=""}

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Job Requirements