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Albertsons Meat Manager - store# 1492 in PORT ANGELES, Washington

Job Title: Meat Manager JOB DESCRIPTION: As a primary contact for Safeway customers, the Meat Manager provides friendly, courteous, and helpful service. The Meat Manager is held accountable for the department's results in providing superior service, increasing sales, improving gain, and containing cost. Follows division guidelines for the implementation of the merchandising program. Trains, schedules, supervises, and assigns duties to meat department staff. Responsible for maintaining sanitation standards. Resolves customer complaints, answers questions, and provides advice on preparation and storage of meat. Responsible for maintaining department in compliance with all state and federal regulations. Responsible for removing and disposing of all out of date product. Prepares meat in saleable sizes and condition for wrapping to eventual display and sale to customer. Cuts, trims, chops, grinds and otherwise prepares meats and places on trays. Handles freight placed in the cooler by the delivery driver. Freight is opened, sorted and stacked. May occasionally place product in display cases and check product display for expiration date. May take special orders for customers. JOB DUTIES: Safeway Meat Manager employees are generally responsible for completing the following job duties: * Provide customer service as currently defined by the employer within the scope of the position and within company policy. * Schedule, supervise, train, and assign duties to meat cutters and meat wrappers. * Follow division guidelines for implementation of the merchandising program. * Inventory floor stock, cooler, and freezer stock daily. * Write meat order in the order guidebook. * Check arriving orders for completeness and bad products. * Uses computer to check, verify and input orders. * Operates saws, grinders, and other meat processing machinery. * Uses knives to cut, trim, and prepare meat products. * Inspects, sorts, and grades meat products. * Inspects displayed products for expired dates and removes them. Follows division markdown policy. * Performs daily temp and tare log checks. * Make signs for displays as needed. * Takes special orders from customers and provides special cuts. * Other duties as assigned. JOB RELATED QUALIFICATIONS: * Ability to follow company customer service procedures. Demonstrated prior customer service skills or related experience. * Ability to interact with customers and co-workers. * Ability to understand and follow instructions. * Knowledge of and ability to prepare different cuts of meat. * Previous experience as a meat wrapper, meat cutter. * Desired: Prior Management experience. SUPERVISORY RESPONSIBILITIES: Meat Department staff PERMITS/LICENSES: Varies depending on store location and state/county requirements. Job Title: Meat Manager WORK ENVIRONMENT: % Inside: 100% %Outside: Rare Temperature Extremes: Meat department is kept cool. Exposure to freezer. Chemicals: Seldom (mild detergents, disinfectants and glass cleaner). MACHINES, TOOLS, AND EQUIPMENT: hand truck, six-wheeled cart, pallet jack, grocery cart, box cutter, bailer, forklift, pens/pencils, telephone/intercom, knives, meat grinders, meat saws, computer, forms and papers, telxon PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Constant (over 70% of the time) Frequent (30-70%) Occasional (10-30%) Seldom (1-10%) Lifting: Constantly lifts 1-10 lbs. Frequently lifts 11-35 lbs. Occasionally lifts 36-50 lbs. Carrying: Frequently carries 1-20 lbs. Occasionally carries 21-35 lbs. Seldom carries 36-75 lbs. Pushing / Pulling: Occasionally pushes/pulls 1-20 lbs. Seldom pushes/pulls 21-35 lbs. Reaching: Constant knee to shoulder reaching. Seldom overhead reaching and at or above shoulder level reaching. Standing: Constant standing while on job. Sitting allowed on breaks. Walking: Frequent walking while on job. Climb/Balance: Seldom. May use step stool or ladder. Trunk Functions: Frequent neck rotation and bending of head. Occasional bending/stooping, twisting, and crouching. Seldom squatting and kneeling. Upper Extremity: Constant handling/grasping. Frequent fine finger manipulation and repetitive motion. Seldom forceful gripping. Vision: Peripheral vision and depth perception used to move around meat area with dangerous moving machinery. Use of near vision to read tags, orders, displays, and when handling sharp objects and dangerous power tools to cut and trim meat. Color vision used to assess quality of meat. Hearing: To converse with customers in person, or by telephone, and to receive instruction and information from other employees Speech: To converse with customers in person, or by telephone, and to provide instruction or information to other employees. Safeway will provide reasonable accommodation for qualified individuals with disabilities who can meet overall job requirements. Equal Opportunity Employer Minorities/Women/Protected Veterans/Disabled