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Idaho Department of Labor Bee Production Worker/Apiary/Honey Laborer in Peshastin, Washington

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Job Site: Quincy, Washington

Dates of Need: 1/7/2023-11/1/2023

Workers will work at main jobsite location then travel to jobsites within Grant, Douglas, Kittitas, Benton, Yakima, Franklin, Adams, and Lincoln Counties to haul bees for pollination and retrieval. Travel will be within range of being able to return home each evening. Travel distances range within an hour of main jobsite location.

This job requires BeeKeeping by the worker.\ Crops: Apiary, Honey\ Prepare bees and bee equipment for pollination. Must be familiar with working with bees in all stages, from the egg through fully developed workers, drones and queens; must work all aspects of commercial bee keeping, including accessing a colony to determine if it needs food or medicine, feeding and medicating bees, maintaining hives in a healthy state, increasing number of hives, raising and replacing queens, make divides, making, painting and cleaning boxes, supervising hives. Harvest/extract honey. Run queen breeding yard and produce queen bees. Manipulate and service hive structures and haul bees to and from different hive locations to ensure healthy and productive honeybee colonies. Must respond correctly to bees to harmonize with their natural cycle and keep them in the healthiest state possible for survival and profitability. General maintenance and servicing of equipment and facility. Workers are expected to perform duties including boxing, weighing and loading of product. Exposure to extreme temp, repetitive movements, extensive pushing, pulling walking and frequent stooping\ Must be able to lift and carry 65 lbs frequently. Worker must NOT be allergic to bees, honey, pollen, or insect stings. Maintain colonies of healthy bees for pollination and production of honey, inspect colony for queens, split hives, harvest honey from hives, feeding hives, checking/evaluating colonies(hives) for disease, evaluating overall health of colonies(hives), moving the bees to honey production locations onsite, extracting honey, picking up/carrying/hand-stacking dead colonies(hives/boxes). Feed and medicate colonies, check hive for disease. \"Haul\ bees to/from various orchards. General maintenance of farm/equipment. Bee colonies will be transported from primary work site(shop) to orchards and colony boxes must be removed/added throughout the season. During the spring and summer, workers will travel from primary work site(shop) each day to bee yards(fields) and orchards to drop off or pick up bee colonies.

Must have a valid drivers license or be able to obtain a valid drivers license, must have a clean driving record and furnish proof upon employers request\ Must be able to lift and/or load 65lbs. Work may take place when temperatures are below freezing and above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. May require extensive pulling and/or pushing of tools, hand trucks, etc. May require worker to sit and/or walk for extensive periods of time, while hand stacking colony boxes, scooping bees, transporting, unloading, etc. Workers will be required to stoop and/or bend over while performing farm labor, such as repairing boxes, gathering bees, extracting bees, honey ,etc. There will be repetitive movements while performing most of the farm labor duties, for example lifting, scooping, stacking, loading, unloading, etc.