City of Mount Vernon Park Ranger in Mount Vernon, Washington

Please see website for full details. The position of Park Ranger is a uniformed position with the Police Department. The Ranger will actively patrol and monitor city parks, trail ways, and facilities. As armed limited commission officers, Rangers are responsible for the protection of life and property. Duties include but are not limited to the enforcement of park rules and regulations, laws and city ordinances; the maintenance of order; the investigation of crimes; and the reduction of crimes with city owned parks. Rangers provide services and education to the public and perform other related work as required. The work is performed in accordance with accepted contemporary policing and parks practices and departmental regulations. This position requires consistent attention and commitment to the Police and Parks Department's vision and mission. All duties are expected to be performed effectively, efficiently, and in a manner consistent with the Department's policing philosophy. Rangers must accept the responsibility to support and promote this organization's mission and comply with its directives. Personal conduct and behavior must be such that it does not bring disrepute or unnecessarily endanger the park visitors' trust or confidence in the Police and Parks and Enrichment Departments or their members. This position requires a high level of problem-solving ability, self-initiative, and the ability and willingness to work a majority of time without direct supervision. Are capable and willing to make decisions that are consistent with both the Police and Parks and Enrichment vision, mission, goals, and objectives.