Cascade Connections Program Coordinator - Assisted Living in Lynden, Washington

[$500 SIGN-ON BONUS] We currently are offering a bonus to new employees. Any new person who is hired will receive a $250 bonus on their first paycheck. After successful completion of their six-month introductory phase, the employee will receive another $250 bonus. Cascade Connections is seeking compassionate and dedicated employees to join our team immediately. We strive to employ individuals who desire to make a difference in others' lives by enhancing every aspect of the lives of adults with disabilities. Support includes daily life skills, community integration through outside activities, and assisting in medical care. Job Summary: To advocate for the people the program supports; ensuring the program promotes individual choices and personal growth. The Program Coordinator will be responsible for staff training and overseeing programmatic issues. The Program Coordinator will be the team leader for training and will assist staff to obtain job training beyond the minimum requirements. The Program Coordinator will also help create and maintain a positive working environment where each staff feels they are a valued member of the team. Qualifications: Ability to work well with people and demonstrate leadership qualifications. Must have approximately 2 years of higher education or 2 years' experience in Social Service work; prefer a minimum of 3 years working directly with people with disabilities. Position Description: This position is a full-time, two-part position. The first part of the position will consist of a minimum of 8 hours of direct service to clients on the floor and the other part will be 32 hours of indirect client service in the form of office work. Hours of direct client service may fluctuate week-to-week depending on client need and staff availability. The hours for the position will be 40 hours per week. A schedule of either Tuesday thru Saturday or Sunday thru Thursday will apply. The Program Director will assign. The Program Coordinator will be scheduled to work at least 1 shifts on the floor each week assigned by the Program Director. Responsibilities: Be a liaison. Establish and maintain positive communication and working relationships with participants and their guardians, family members, neighbors, visitors and other agencies. Will confer with the Program Director on a weekly basis. The Program Coordinator will at all times act in a professional manner ensuring staff and client records and information is kept confidential. Will abide by the Agency policies and procedures and ensure staff understand the Agency policies and procedures. In the event that an employee is not following policy/procedure, it is the responsibility of the Program Coordinator to immediately report the employee to the Program Director so that the appropriate training/discipline can be administered. Assist the Program Director with fundraising activities. Report unusual or emergent situations to the Program Director. Participate in all designated in-service trainings and attend all staff meetings as directed by the facility Program Director. Assist and instruct participants in emergency evacuation procedures. Document any unusual occurrences on incident report forms within 24 hours of the incident and place in IR box/folder for review by management. Emergent incidents should be reported immediately to the Program Director. (Death of a participant, abuse, hospitalization, injuries or illnesses requiring care beyond first aid, missing participants.) Immediately report suspected or alleged abuse or neglect to Residential Care Services (Complaint Resolution Unit) and the Program Director. Document hours worked on time sheets at the beginning and end of each shift and sign and turn them in to