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Alaskan Copper Warehouse Associate in Kent, Washington

Job Title: Associate Warehouser Pay Rate: DOE Hours of Work: 3RD shift 11pm to 7am Location: 27402 72nd Ave So., Kent, WA 98032 Representation: After 30 days, required to become a due paying or financial core member of Int. Brotherhood of Teamsters Union #117. Job Summary: Will generally work under the direction of a Warehouser to accomplish tasks such as forklift operation, cleaning, marking and moving material, pulling and packing material for orders, constructing shipping containers and putting stock away. Depending on experience and qualifications, may be hired in at a higher rate, and given additional responsibilities. Requirements to be Considered for Position: *Application must be filled out completely by the Applicant. *Meet all of the Required Essential Job Skills/Experience. *Must be able to work any shift. *Work overtime when required. *Willing to comply with company rules and policies. *Pass pre-employment drug screen. Required Essential Job Skills/Experience: *Able to do simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division using whole numbers, fractions and decimals. *Able to read a tape measure accurately to 1/16". *Able to read, write, understand and communicate in English. *Able to write and print legibly. *Lift and carry up to 70 lbs. regularly and heavier weight occasionally. *Physically able to climb stairs and ladders. *Must be able to operate a forklift and have had a least 6 months experience. Required Essential Job Functions/Duties: *Work in conjunction with or as a Warehouser. Determine material required for order. Warehouser will be responsible for their own orders as well as checking orders of other Warehousers and Associate Warehousers. *Will assist or pull stock for order. May use a forklift, side loader or pendant operated overhead crane. *Will use abrasive or band saw to cut material to customer specifications. Check dimensional accuracy of parts with tape measure to tolerance of 1/16”. May occasionally use micrometer to measure thickness of material or inside/outside diameter of tubing. *May use waist height cart to load items for order, depending upon size, weight or length of material. *Take items to packing area and determine proper pack-aging requirements. Count items to verify inventory to be shipped. Packaging may include the following: strap and wrap items in plastic wrap and secure with tape prior to boxing; measure and cut cardboard tubing to fit dimensions of material, or assemble other shipping containers; verify items on invoice when packaging; mark material and shipping containers and place documents on outside of container. *Keep area clean and organized. *Load and unload trucks. Desirable Job Skills/Experience: *Experience operating side loader. *Shipping/receiving experience. *Experience operating metal cutting saws and shears. *Able to measure accurately with a micrometer. *Knowledge of corrosion-resistant metals. *Experience moving long loads. *Experience with metal cutting saws. Job Accommodation: Considered on an individual basis. Physical Requirements: This work is defined in