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Planner or Associate Planner


$61,413.00 - $90,734.00 Annually


Edmonds, WA

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Development Services

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This position is open until filled and may be closed at any time following the first review of applications on July 31, 2018 at 4:30 pm.

This is an integrated job posting and applications are open for candidates who meet the qualifications for either a Planner or an Associate Planner. Only one position is available. The wage range posted is inclusive of both positions. See below for a breakdown:

Planner: $5,117.75 - $6,858.17 monthly

Associate Planner: $5,642.25 - $7,561.17 monthly

Job Summary - Planner

Under general supervision, performs general planning related activities and tasks for assigned area within City Planning; provides technical assistance in the processing of planning permits for the City of Edmonds; reviews building permits for compliance with zoning, critical areas and design review requirements; conducts critical reviews and various planning reviews as assigned. The Planner performs projects independently and supports the planning function in responding to customer inquiries, processing planning permits and participating in short-term and long term planning activities.

Job Summary - Associate Planner

Under general supervision, processes building and land use permit applications for the City; reviews projects for compliance with applicable codes such as zoning, critical areas and design standards; serves as staff liaison to assigned boards and commissions; provides information to the public regarding general and complex land and construction issues; coordinates GIS/mapping activities; conducts various planning reviews as assigned; may provide lead work direction to Planners and other lower level staff on assigned projects.

Examples of Duties

Essential Functions - Planner

  • Provides technical assistance in the processing of planning permits for current applications for the City; conducts a variety of reviews of building permits for compliance with zoning, critical areas, environmental and design review requirements and conducts critical reviews and various planning reviews as assigned.

  • Perform site inspections; coordinates requirements from other departments; reviews applications and appeals for compliance with development code and compliance with environmental regulations; creates associated reports.

  • Communicates with the public, including owners of private property as well as project applicants such as: architects, developers, surveyors, biologists and geotechnical engineers via phone, email and in person at the public service counter and at various meetings.

  • Responds to questions from the public, applicants and developers regarding the City's development review process and assists applicants in the completion of application materials.

  • Ensures compliance with all applicable Federal, State and local rules, regulations and codes.

  • Prepares and maintains a variety of records and reviews related to assigned activities and updates or makes recommendations to policy and code in assigned areas.

  • Conducts various inspections associated with permit compliance in assigned area and fulfills requests for public records including compiling files, emails and data related to a particular request.

  • Prepares and updates maps, graphics and public information materials to support current and long-range planning projects; develops and maintains Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping and database records as assigned.

  • Participates on assigned committees; attends associated meetings and provides necessary support and information.

  • Maintains professional development including staying abreast with a variety of Federal, State and local regulations pertaining to land development and maintaining current knowledge of trends and developments in the planning field.

  • Communicates with governmental agencies and other cities regarding projects affecting the City of Edmonds and to coordinate activities, exchange information and resolve issues or concerns.

  • Prepares and maintains a variety of records and reviews related to assigned activities

  • Reviews and makes recommendations to City codes or policy changes as appropriate and based on experience with daily operations and planning.

Essential Functions - Associate Planner

In addition to the Planner's essential functions, Associate Planner candidates will have the following additional essential functions.

  • Reviews building permit applications for compliance with zoning, site development standards, critical areas regulations and design standards.

  • Prepares for and conducts presentations before various boards and commissions regarding project proposals and code amendments.

  • Reviews land use applications including: subdivisions, conditional use permits, design review, rezones, Comprehensive Plan amendments and annexations and writes detailed reports based on the evaluation of proposals compliance with city codes.

  • Prepares and issues public notice of applicable land use projects via mail; posts and writes publication notices through the local newspaper; follows required timelines for public notice.

  • Conducts various field visits for critical areas inspections, posting of public notice for land use projects, inspections associated with building permits and compliance with conditions of approval; fulfills requests for public records including: compiling files, emails and data related to a particular request.

  • Reviews applications for land use compliance; sends letters and researches past approvals and reviews conditional use permits for home occupations.

  • Conducts SEPA review of project proposals including various land use and building permit applications and code revisions.

  • Maintains public handouts and makes updates/revisions as necessary; maintains specific pages of the City's website and updates/revises as necessary and conducts updates of the City Community Development Code and Comprehensive Plan as necessary; prepares draft code language as directed and conducts public hearings before the Planning Board and City Council applicable to such updates.

  • Coordinates GIS/mapping activities with outside organizations.

  • Participates in the development of the comprehensive plan.

Required Knowledge - Planner

  • Planning principles, practices and code of ethics.

  • General trends and issues in development and planning fields.

  • Basic construction, architectural design and development techniques.

  • Principles of customer service and public relations.

  • Research methods and report presentation.

  • GIS development and maintenance.

  • Structure, organization and interrelationships of city departments, agencies and related governmental agencies and offices affecting assigned functions.

  • Federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations, codes and administrative procedures related to assigned activities.

  • Effective oral and written communication principles and practices to include customer service.

  • Project management techniques and principles; time management and project prioritization.

  • Modern office procedures, methods, and equipment including computers and computer applications such as: word processing, spreadsheets, and statistical databases.

  • English usage, spelling, grammar and punctuation.

  • Principles of business letter writing.

Required Knowledge - Associate Planner

In addition to the Planner's required knowledge, the following knowledge is also expected from Associate Planner candidates.

  • Planning principles, including creation of policies and creation of specific laws.

  • Lead work and staff oversight of daily tasks.

Required Skills - Planner

  • Providing technical assistance in the processing of planning permits for current applications and in the development of short-range plans for the City of Edmonds.

  • Conducting code interpretation, architectural review and code enforcement.

  • Understanding and interpreting legal and technical planning language and communicating the language in a way that is understandable to others.

  • Reviewing commercial and other building permits and conducting various types of reviews.

  • Providing information to the public regarding general and complex land and construction issues.

  • Handling difficult planning-related situations with people.

  • Ensuring compliance with federal, state and local regulations related to land development.

  • Explaining policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

  • Maintaining current knowledge of rules, regulations, requirements and trends.

  • Meeting schedules and timelines.

  • Compiling and verifying data and preparing reports.

  • Utilizing personal computer software programs and other relevant software affecting assigned work.

  • Establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with staff, management, vendors, outside agencies, community groups and the general public.

  • Applying project management techniques and principles.

  • Communicating effectively verbally and in writing including public relations.

Required Skills - Associate Planner

In addition to the Planner's required skills, the following skills are also expected from Associate Planner candidates.

  • Serve as staff liaison to the Planning Board and/or Architectural Design Board.

  • Applying policies, procedures, rules and regulations.

  • Use of technology and software to assist in compiling and preparing spreadsheets.

  • Leading and delegating tasks and authority.

Minimum Qualifications

Education - Both Classifications

Bachelor's Degree in Urban, Regional, or Municipal Planning, Geography, or related field

Experience - Planner

Two Years of experience performing planning duties including code and permit reviews, analysis, and evaluation, and preparation of basic reports; OR an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

Experience - Associate Planner

Three years of experience performing planning duties including policy and code review, analysis, and evaluation, and preparation of detailed reports; prefer responsibility for leading projects or staff in a municipal planning environment; OR an equivalent combination of education, training and experience.

Required Licenses or Certifications:

  • Must be able to successfully complete and pass a background check.

  • Valid Driver's License required at time of hire. WA State Driver's License required within 30 days of hire-date.

  • Must be able to provide a driver's abstract for all states a license was held in the preceding 5 years.

Supplemental Information


Working Conditions are the same for both classifications.


  • Indoor/Outdoor/Office environment.

  • Driving a vehicle to work.

Physical Abilities:

  • Hearing, speaking or otherwise communicating to exchange information in person and by phone.

  • Reading and understanding a variety of materials.

  • Operating a computer and other office equipment.

  • Walking or otherwise moving and ascending/descending stairs during site visits.

  • Ability to wear appropriate personal protective equipment based on required City Policy.


  • Chemicals, fumes or gases associated with utilities systems and projects.

  • Working in and around moving traffic.

  • Contact with dissatisfied or abusive individuals.

APPLICATION REQUIREMENTS: A completed online application, an attached resume and cover letter are required to be considered for this position. An incomplete application packet will disqualify you. Applicants may attach additional information that will assist us in the review and selection process. Applications will be accepted for current job openings only. If you are applying for more than one job opening, a separate submission is required for each position. Applicants may be asked to complete a supplemental questionnaire. Any individual requiring ADA accommodation during any part of the selection process should advise the City of the need.

NOTE: Pursuant to the Immigration Reform and Control Act, all new employees must present acceptable documents verifying identity and authorization to be employed in the United States. All applicants please note that all full time and regular part time City of Edmonds employees do not participate in the Social Security program. For information on how this may affect your retirement benefit, please contact Social Security.

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Please check the benefits information on our Human Resources website for more information.


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Do you currently, or will you (by start of the position), posses a valid driver's license and be able to provide a copy of your driver's abstract? [Note - A WA state driver's license is required within 30 days of hire date]

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