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Job Information

Washington State Department of Natural Resources Engine Leader - Wildland Firefighter in East Wenatchee, Washington



*Salary: $3,947.00 - $4,501.00 Monthly*

(See official listing for full details.)

What to Expect as a DNR Engine Leader:

  • The Engine Leader generally performs a leadership role within a crew; and, candidates are required to have 3 months of previous natural resource work experience. Engine Leader duties may include:
    • Supervising and/or leading crews on the fire line, fire suppression and prevention, operating and maintaining small motorized equipment, operating light or heavy trucks (e.g. 1-ton 4x4, 400 gal., 3-4 person fire engine).
    • Marking and measuring timber, cutting brush on survey lines, leading small crews to maintain roads and recreation facilities, and operating and maintaining small hand and power tools.
  • Prepare for fire duty, and maintain assigned equipment and vehicles for fire readiness.
  • Safely respond to wildland fires to suppress and prevent them from spreading.
  • Perform entry-level wildland fire duties including hand-line construction, water handling, general suppression, and prevention activities or training.
  • When not engaged in wildland fire preparedness and suppression, Wildland Firefighters will perform tasks such as thinning and pruning trees for watersheds, protecting wildlife, and maintaining recreation sites, buildings, grounds, roads, and equipment.
  • Many of the duties performed on these jobs require considerable physical exertion, working outdoors in all terrain and weather conditions, working long hours, and extended periods of time away from home. Duties include but may not be limited to the ability to carry up to 60 pounds, run, bend, twist, walk, and/or climb.

*Required Qualifications: *

  • Must be age 18 and possess a high school diploma or equivalent at the time of hire.
  • Engine Leaders are required to have a basic fundamental understanding of the Wildland Fire Management activities including Fire Suppression, Mitigation, and Prevention. These knowledge and skill sets are achieved through successful demonstration and practical experience working for one or more fire years as Wildland Firefighters. Additionally, a fundamental understanding of wildland firefighting strategy and risk management is required to look out for the safety of fire responders and the public.
  • Certified as NWCG FFT2.
  • Engine Leaders lead a module of crew members on day-to-day activities to be prepared for and during wildland fire response.  Require the competencies related to being able to effectively communicate with supervisors and lead subordinates in wildland fire organizations.
  • Ability to act promptly, use good judgment in day-to-day and emergency situations, and deal tactfully with the public and interagency partners.
  • Must pass the DNR work capacity test or "Pack Test" during the selection process and prior to starting work. The "Pack Test" is a work capacity test that measures aerobic capacity, muscular strength, and muscular endurance (45lbs, 3 miles within 45 minutes) and an Annual Refresher (RT-130).