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Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Camp Counselors - Guides in BELLINGHAM, Washington

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1) Wilderness Field Instructors

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2) Rites of Passage NW Wilderness Therapy:

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3) Washington State, Olympic National Park, Puget Sound

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4) Our wilderness therapy program for troubled youth encourages self-reliance and self-respect in each troubled teenager and young adult. We have a range of tailor made programs and specialize in finding the perfect fit program for each child and young adult. Our goal is to develop, direct and re-focus behavior patterns in a positive way. Wilderness therapy for troubled youth removes urban distractions and simplifies options to help students gain insight into their core values and accept responsibility for their choices. As a result, students begin to accept responsibility for personal decisions, address individual and family issues, and become invested in their own personal growth. We have come to believe that with wilderness therapy great changes are possible, and our wilderness therapy program for troubled youth encourages exceptional changes in your struggling teen towards healthier behaviors and decision making.

* Wilderness Field Instructors assist the lead instructor in carrying out therapeutic outcomes for each student while using primitive survival skills, two week backpacking expeditions and outdoor experiential education techniques as tools for emotional and spiritual growth for their group. It is not only a wonderful opportunity to help change the lives of teenagers, but also a chance to challenge yourself and grow.*


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The Rites of Passage NW Field Instructor is in charge of leading the daily operations of Rites of passage courses. This role is at the center of the program, as a field instructor you are responsible for leading an expedition for 14 days with a group size of up to 10 students. This position requires a person that can multi-task, be well organized, and have the ability to work well under pressure. Management of people is the key aspect of the Field Instructor's job, and communication skills must be efficient and effective. The Field Instructor will be lead instructor with one to two assistant Instructors. The Field Instructor will work both in the office setting and in the field. It is essential that the Field Instructor must have the ability to work well with people, enjoy problem solving, and have a solid foundation of wilderness expedition skills.


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Lead Field Instructor is in charge of the daily operations of the expedition including, Risk Management program, educating, training and supervising the assistant instructors holding the staff accountable to high safety standards.

Manage and maintain the implementation of all field related Policies and Procedures.

Model and train effective wilderness educator skills to developing Field Staff.

Lead post-course performance evaluations with Field Staff.

Field Instructor is "on-call" schedule outside their regular expeditions in order to respond to field emergencies as needed.

Facilitate skills-based trainings with Field Staf