American Seafoods Company Seafood Processor in Seattle, Washington

American Seafoods Company is a leader in the Alaskan commercial fishing industry. We operate 6 large catcher/processor vessels that conduct fishing trips 10 months out of the year. We are in need of entry-level Seafood Processors to live and work on our fishing vessels. Average amount of time at sea is 3 months at a time, with about 1-2 months off in between.Fishing Seasons-We have two major seasons throughout the year. It is possible to fish the entirety of both seasons, as long as you are a high performer. The average contract length (time at sea) for processors is 3 months. The boat we are hiring for right now operates a little bit differently than the others, but still follows the general pattern.- A Season is from January until mid-April. This is our hard and fast season. 16 hours shifts, 7 days a week.-B Season is from mid-May until November. For the first month, we fish for Hake off the Oregon coast. In June the boats head up to Alaska to fish for Pollock. In October, the boats come back to Oregon to do a month of Hake again to finish the season. This season has 12 hour shifts 7 days a week.-When the boats are not fishing and they are in port, projects are being done on them at all times. There are shipyard jobs available during that time, but they are not plentiful and get filled fast. When you work shipyard, you can still sleep/eat on the boat.Living Conditions-Space is always at a premium aboard fishing vessels. The living quarters are very small. Processors will be sharing rooms with at least 1 other person and maybe up to 4+ other people. The beds are small, the drawers are small, you have little to no personal space. The galley is pretty much the only place you will go other than your room when you are not working. The food is good and is available 24 hours a day. There are onboard stores that sell personal hygiene items/cigarettes/etc. It is all paycheck deducted, there are no cash transactions.-There is a big TV, a couple computers, and wifi on the vessels. When the boat is in the middle of the Bering Sea, the wifi isnt great, but it allows for whatsap messages, emails, facebook.Important things to note-You will be responsible for your own travel costs to get to and from Seattle.-We do pre-employment drug screens and background checks/random drug screens throughout the season-We fish in all weather conditions. This is hard, manual labor work, in a factory that is inside a moving boat. This is dangerous work.-If you quit or get fired while at sea, you will be charged a $40/day rate until you are able to leave the boat. You also be charged for the travel cost to get you back to Seattle from Alaska.-This is NOT Deadliest Catch.Link to our Informational Video - Here -*5A121C288E80FBDBJob DescriptionSeafood processors work aboard at-sea processing vessels in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Alaska, Bering Sea, and the Aleutian Islands to convert raw fish products into a processed, high quality product ready for sale. The work is strenuous and sometimes hazardous, with the vessel operating under all types of weather conditions.Duties and Responsibilities- Sort fish by species- Tend and operate machines- Hand fillet whole fish- Inspect fish products to meet American Seafoods Company's standards of quality- Weigh, pack, label, stack and place the product into freezers- Load and unload supplies on the vessel- Clean factory equipment and perform other duties as assignedSkill and Experience Required- Able to follow visual or written directions and specific verbal instructions in English- Able to live in close shared quarters with others and able to climb in and out of bunk beds 50 inches high- Good balance/equilibrium- Able to be on-board ship for long periods, without suffering from motion sickness (that is not correctable)- Able to operate moving machinery, without need for medication that limits such