King County Washington Open Data Solutions Architect in Seattle, Washington

King County is embarking on a journey to make "data-driven" business decisions in our pursuit of becoming the best run government. As part of a new IT Service focused on Data, we are looking for an Open Data Solutions Architect to run King County's open data program. The current open data program has been neglected and requires significant overhaul in order to bring it in alignment with King County's vision of being the best run government. A new architecture and resulting platform will need to:

  • Integrate and leverage existing data management principles and standards, re-using existing data access/support tools and services
  • reduce effort on internal staff to support
  • Increase the quality, security, and quantity of information available to the public,
  • Increase the interest and usage of that data by citizen developers and queriests by increasing the ease of access and understanding of that data
  • Provide community opportunities for engagement such as hackathons, code-athons, or other interactive opportunities
  • Use (and apply where appropriate) data classifications standards to ensure data is protected appropriately where necessary
  • Understand and implement effective user centered design concepts to ensure effective access to open data

We are looking for someone who is passionate about promoting transparency and believes in the transformative power of information to empower people and result in greater accountability. They must also be excited about the potential of open data to provide a platform for this transformation. They must be equally happy selling the 'open' vision to senior policy staff and getting stuck into data mapping, ETL, and data models with technical staff; running barcamps and leading a team providing practical support to data provider; facilitating a large community of data providers and user and managing and reporting on a reasonable sized budget; and getting stuck into the practicalities of inserting tab a into slot b.

WORK LOCATION: Downtown Seattle in the King County Chinook Building, 401 Fifth Ave, Seattle, WA, 98104

REPORTS TO: This position is a member of the Data Services Team and reports to the Chief Data Officer (CDO) for King County.

INFORMATION: about the status of your application please contact Ruchita Tulsyan at ((206) 263-8076 or email

Job Duties:

  • Determine open data platform required to be the best run government.
  • Architect and implement that required platform in collaboration with needed IT resources. This includes understanding and evaluating available data, where and how best made available to the public (which should include a combination of access methods such as data set posting, API's, etc..), how to transport and keep that data current, and how best to secure data so that un-authorized data is not included. Ensure implemented platform is scalable and sustainable.
  • Publicize, promote, and champion open data usage both publicly and internally. This should include web access, events, and social media campaigns.
  • Continually evaluate and add data made available to the public
  • Work with internal data owners and stewards to ensure data is well understood and curated.
  • Work with data architects to understand the breadth and scope of data throughout the county and to ensure any data exposed externally is protected, well understand, accurate, and consistent with internal data.
  • Maintain artifacts on open data including conceptual and physical data models
  • Work with user centered design team to ensure effective access to data. Drive any related web page development/content management needed to support effective access and utilization
  • Work with ETL developers to ensure data orchestration is understood, appropriate, and efficient.
  • Lead and participate in local and regional events around open data, citizen development, and other related areas of focus.
  • Conform to and promote data principles, standards and processes for all projects and domains. This includes standards around architecture, models, designs, metadata, data quality, governance, master data, ETL, open data, BI/analytics, and others including common tools and repositories.
  • Review data designs as part of data architecture team to ensure they are of high quality and conform to standards. Provide feedback and advice as appropriate.
  • Develop and monitor compliance with open data standards.
  • Participate in BI center of excellence as a fully contributing team member.

Experience, Qualifications, Knowledge, Skills:

  • 2 or more years of experience protecting sensitive data (HIPAA, CJIS, PII, PCI, other) in an analytics platform. Experience with data classification and related technologies.
  • 2 or more years of experience conducting enterprise level governance boards that include data owners and stewards. Experience establishing such boards helpful.
  • 1 or more year of experience delivering visual analytics solutions
  • 1 or more year creating and implementing web based User Experience designs. Web development experience.
  • Experience creating, publicizing, conducting, and partnering with industry leaders on open data events such as hackathons, code-a-thons, or other collaborative competitions.
  • Deep understanding of the open data movement and of the opportunities and challenges it presents, including the ability to architect enterprise open data solutions that integrate/re-use the existing data infrastructure
  • Expert knowledge of public facing analytics platforms delivered using modern, mobile technologies
  • Experience integrating internal and external data into a cohesive, understandable platform
  • Excellent communication skills – the ability to explain IT solutions and application to non-IT audiences
  • customer / user oriented perspective – including the previous provisioning of user self-help platforms
  • Ability to reach out and sell the open data vision to a wide range of organizations, citizens, and KC agencies and the potential impact on each

Experience Preferred:

  • 3 or more years of experience as a data architect – modeling, designing, and implementing analytics platforms and end-to-end user solutions comprised of dashboards, visualizations, and other BI Use cases.
  • Experience accessing and utilizing open data.
  • Strong understanding of ETL / ELT platforms and data orchestration.
  • Familiarity with the County's current open data platform Socrata.
  • Inclusion of geo-spatial information in analytics solution delivery.
  • 1 or more years working on the ESRI platform.
  • Full understanding of data integration concepts and scenario focused discovery spaces that draw data from multiple source locations
  • Strong knowledge and interest in Cloud based delivery platforms

Supplemental Information:

NECESSARY SPECIAL QUALIFICATIONS: The candidate selected for this position will be required to pass a background investigation to include fingerprinting.

*PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS: *The work environment is indoors in a general office environment with minimal exposure to health and safety hazards.

Job Title: Open Data Solutions Architect

Opening Date/Time: Wed. 08/09/17 12:00 AM Pacific Time

Closing Date/Time: Wed. 08/23/17 4:30 PM Pacific Time

Salary: $56.50 - $71.61 Hourly $117,520.00 - $148,948.80 Annually

Job Type: Career Service, Full Time, 40 hrs/week

Location: Chinook Building, 401 5th Avenue, Seattle, Washington

Department: King County Department of Information Technology